Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is Peace-of-Mind Nannies a licensed Nanny agency?
A: Yes, Peace-of-Mind Nannies is a reputable agency that is licensed with the Ministry of Government Services.

Q: Where do your nannies come from?
A: Our nannies come from diverse backgrounds. Some are Canadian-born, while others are from the Philippines, China, Nepal, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Africa or other parts of the world. Most worked overseas in Hong Kong, China, the Middle East, the U.K, the Caribbean and other countries before migrating to Canada under the Live-in Caregiver’s Program or; on an Open Work Permit or as a Landed Immigrant.

Q: How do you screen your nannies?
A: We conduct a telephone interview, followed by a face-to-face interview of short-listed candidates. We conduct a thorough interview of each candidate in which we ask situational questions. While interviewing each candidate not only do we assess their previous childcare experience, but we also assess their common sense to ensure that you will have the Peace-of-mind you deserve.

Each candidate must provide us with proof of their status in Canada and is required to have current CPR/First Aid certification and a Vulnerable Sector Police Clearance Certificate. We conduct reference checks from previous employers to confirm the candidate’s employment history, education, responsibilities and reliability.

Q: What happens if our nanny leaves a few weeks after we hire her, or after the replacement guarantee period?
A: We provide 60 days replacement guarantee for each placement. If things are not working out between you and your nanny, we will provide a replacement nanny free of cost to you (within 60 days of the start date). If you need a replacement after the guarantee period, we will find another nanny for you at a discounted rate.

Q: Can I force my nanny to live in?
The Live-in Caregiver Program has been discontinued and the Rules have changed. In Ontario, employers can still hire Nannies who are already in Canada under the Live-in Caregiver Program, and are seeking sponsorship with new employers. An employer can not force their nanny to live-in. However, if an employer and nanny agree to a live-in arrangement, the employer cannot charge for room and board.

Q: Why do you require a retainer up front?
We take our business seriously and we only work with clients who respect what we do. We put a lot of time and effort into sourcing and vetting for a suitable nanny for you. The retainer is used to offset some of our administrative costs for doing so. The non-refundable retainer is credited to the total placement fee when a placement is made.

Q: Do we get our retainer back if you cannot find a nanny?
We are able to find a suitable nanny for our clients ninety-nine percent of the time. In the rare circumstance where there is difficulty placing a nanny with a client for different reasons such as: location or; a client who has multiple children under the age of 5, which makes finding a nanny more challenging, the small non-refundable retainer is credited towards our administrative costs incurred up to that point.

Q: How much does a nanny cost?
A: In Ontario, the current minimum wage is $14.00 per hour. Nanny salaries are determined by several factors including: location, experience, number of children to be cared for and responsibilities. Currently, in the GTA and Ontario-wide, you can expect to pay your nanny a median salary of $14.00 to $15.00/hr.

Q: How long does it take to find a nanny?
A: It usually takes only a few days, but this varies, depending on several factors including; where you are located, the number of children to be cared for, whether you require your nanny to live in or not and whether you have any special language requirements.

Q: Do you provide post-placement service?
A: After we place a nanny, we provide routine follow-up with client and nanny to ensure that there is mutual satisfaction between the two. We provide our clients with information regarding how to open a payroll account with the CRA and to register with WSIB. We also provide information regarding how to calculate your nanny’s salary; making monthly remittances to the CRA and quarterly remittances to WSIB. We are always only a phone call or an email away to answer any questions that you may have.